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Bringing the world to a billion people with our Business Magazines, Education Research Journals, American Art Market Magazine, Advanced Research In Environmental Engineering, Electronics Design US Magazines, CARE-UGC Journals, etc.

About Us

Magazines are a window to the world for many and offer both a source of learning and an understanding of the way the world functions. We, Apex Subscription Private Limited, have been providing our clients with a number of reading material and other similar items from publishers the world over. We are a supplier and wholesaler/distributor of Women Health Magazine, Computer Science And Information System Journals, Biotechnology Journals, Automotive Industries Journals, Art Market Magazine and Advanced Finance Management Journals. In order to fulfill the ever-increasing demands for reading and learning of people across the nation, we, in addition to the aforementioned items, also work as a service provider of Library Services and eJournals. We are on a mission to bring information from the world over to our customers at the lowest prices in the market. Choosing us over our counterparts help our clients with many benefits such as prompt delivery, better deals and promotion of products throughout the distribution network.

Why Choose Us?

It has been more than a decade since we are into the business and no other company could ever replace us as we are loved by our clients due to the following reasons:
  • We are a recognized member of We are a member of the G.O.C. and The Federation of Publishers & Booksellers Association.
  • We offer a wide range of international magazines and journals under a single roof.
  • Fulfill all subscriptions needs for variety of journals and magazines.
  • Our team is always available for any queries or issues customers might face with their subscriptions.
  • Provide highly attractive offers on availing bunch or combination of journals.
  • All the journals that we offer are UGC approved.
  • Our base is equipped with latest technology to ensure rapid communication with clients and publishers.
  • We are currently dealing with 2200 plus publishers across the globe and 1300 plus periodicals.
  • Our invoices are generated in a single currency for all of our journals.
  • Client feedback and their suggestions are important to us.
  • We offer services across the country using well-managed logistics system.
  • Render delivery status from time to time.
  • We settle our claims regarding missing issues at the earliest.
  • Use of Library Management Software.
  • Render RFID Solutions for Libraries

Distribution Network

We consider our success to be a byproduct of an ethos that all of us at Apex Subscription strictly adhere to. A set of principles that emphasize upon making certain that our customers receive services of the highest standard. We have thus set up a distribution network that spans the entire nation and helps us make our deliveries as per schedule. Our orders are specially packaged to prevent any damage during transit of our Advanced Research In Embedded System Journals, Aeronautics Journals, etc. 

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